Ted Stambolitis: Non-Resident Councilman

In March, Lake and Main questioned the legal residence of Town Councilman Ted Stambolitis.  It was pointed out that Councilman Stambolitis had built a home outside the town limits and, if he made this his primary residence, he would have to resign his seat on Town Council.  It now appears he has done the former, but not the latter.  Continue reading “Ted Stambolitis: Non-Resident Councilman”

Ted Stambolitis’ 80% Tax Solution

After Monday night’s (August 17) Lexington Town Council meeting at which the proposed hospitality tax (H Tax) was discussed, I overheard two council members talking about Councilman Ted Stambolitis’ public statements and how they differed from those he shared with the other members.  This sharing was done via email and I asked if the correspondence was sent to council’s official email address(@lexsc.com).  If so, this would make it publicly available via the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).  Continue reading “Ted Stambolitis’ 80% Tax Solution”