10 South Carolina Stereotypes That Are Completely Accurate


1. South Carolinians Are “Killing You With Kindness” Jedis

South Carolina Stereotypes

People in South Carolina are extremely friendly. But all that friendliness is a double edge sword: it can also be a razor sharp exercise in passive aggression.

You may often find yourself confused, asking yourself: Was that a compliment, or did they just tell me to go to hell? The answer? They probably did both in the same sentence.

2. Praise Jesus! Yep, All South Carolinians Do

South Carolina Stereotypes

South Carolina is 93 percent Christian. This state is home to mega-churches like you would not believe—I’m talking three-story auditorium churches with orchestra seating.

Christianity is more than just a religion here, it’s a way of life and a culture. And we love talking about your lord and saviour to anyone and everyone we meet. After all, WWJD? I don’t know, probably put his name on all car bumpers, that’s what.

3. South Carolinians Are Still Fighting The War…

South Carolina Stereotypes

Source: Flickr user Matthew Blouir

….Well, technically is more of a battle.

The Clemson–South Carolina rivalry, also called The Battle of the Palmetto State, is a college rivalry like no other. The grudge between the Tigers and the Gamecocks goes way, way back and, let’s be honest, it’s not just about college football.

Though the two college campuses are only separated by 132 miles, USC and Clemson have been bitter rivals since the 1880s due to political tensions regarding post-Civil War reconstruction.

Today, the rivalry captivates pretty much everyone with SC blood during football season. My best friend almost had to have televisions set up at her wedding so that people could watch the Clemson-South Carolina game.

When she decided to compromise and have the wedding the night before the game instead, people still left early to drive up to Clemson to start their tailgate. Priorities!

4. South Carolinians Party Harder Than You

South Carolina Stereotypes

Bad day? Fireball. Good day? Fireball. Grandma’s 80th birthday? Fireball. It doesn’t matter what the occasion—it’s never a bad idea to drink Fireball whiskey straight out of a bottle. Never. What can we say? We South Carolinians are purists: out the bottle is the only way to get the full effect of this spicy, cinnamon-flavored South Carolinian favorite.

5. If You Are What You Eat, Folks Here Are Shrimp & Grits

South Carolina Stereotypes

Source: Flickr user David Reber’s Hammer Photography

In South Carolina, we know what things are important in life…and the order in which those things matter. Shrimp and Grits falls third on the list of the most important things to South Carolinians (first being football, second being whiskey…)

6. Folks In South Carolina Have That Special Kind Of Drawl

South Carolina Stereotypes

The Southern accent is thick as ever in South Carolina. And arguably better than anywhere else in the South. This Southern drawl is just much softer, sweeter and more melodic than the harsher “y’all” you encounter a bit further down the road.

So you won’t catch any teachers here correcting y’all to “you all.” It’s Y’all. Period. Speaking of teachers: when it comes to speaking to someone superior to us? “Yes Ma’am” and “Yes Sir” all the way. Anything else = disrespect.

We South Carolinians may be old-school at times, but we’ve got y’all beat when it comes to our impeccable fashion-sense, our seriously holy and annointed car bumpers, our taste for “fine” whiskey, and our ability to make the best damn grits in the South. To us, there’s no better way to live than to live like a South Carolinian.

7. South Carolinians Aren’t Quitters

South Carolina Stereotypes

Whether or not we like to admit it, we love our tobacco…enough to put cigarette vending machines in almost every bar and club in the state.

But that’s not all that proves our devotion to tobacco here in SC. According to Health.com, South Carolina has the nation’s lowest smoking-cessation rate. In the most recent government survey, only about 2 percent of smokers had successfully quit for at least a year. Which really isn’t surprising given that South Carolina has hardly any smoking restrictions in restaurants, bars, private work sites, and retail stores.

Hey, maybe this isn’t our finest stereotype, but we sure do love a good smoke with our whiskey.

8. South Carolinians Are Total Frat And Sorority Snobs

South Carolina Stereotypes

Source: College of Charleston Greek Life via Facebook

In South Carolina, when people refer to their “big sister” or “big brother,” they’re probably not talking genes. They’re likely referring to the person that guided them through countless hours of partying during those four blurry years of undergrad.

Basically, South Carolinians have a long tradition of partaking in Greek life. And, I hate to break it to ya, but it’s not about the philanthropy. In SC, it’s always about the party. And what better way to find excuses to party than joining a sorority or fraternity, where Old School-style beer bongs and keg stands are pretty much mandatory?

Maybe it’s the warm weather that keeps us constantly in party-mode. Regardless, as South Carolinians, it doesn’t surprise us when the first thing people ask us about our college experience is: “What sorority/fraternity were you in?” And, yes, this question notoriously comes before, “What was your major?”

9. South Carolinian Women Put Barbie To Shame

South Carolina Stereotypes

While the stereotype of the Southern Belle may be tried, it’s definitely true. I’ve literally walked down the street in Charleston and done a double take, asking myself, “Was that a life-size Barbie, or a human being?” Pink dresses, high heels, teased hair, fake nails, mascara galore.

Basically, get ready to have the song “Barbie Girl” stuck in your head when strolling the South Carolina streets.

10. Folks In South Carolina Let Their Conservative Flag Fly High

South Carolina Stereotypes

Source: Flickr User BBC World Service

There’s no denying it, South Carolina is a red state: they’ve “gone red” on the past gazillion presidential elections. While there are pockets of liberals here and there, they’re mostly transplant Yankees descending from the North, soaking up our sun, palm trees, and Fireball whiskey.

Overall, South Carolinians have conservative values and there’s really no hiding it: they carry the Constitution in their pockets (or at least their hearts), they hate big government, are all about personal liberty, firearms, yada yada. It’s true that, at times, they can be a caricature of United States conservatism. But that’s A-OK with them.