Gag Rule or Legitimate Law?

The subject of Town Council meetings has come up frequently when trying to look into the workings of local government.  What has been discovered is a tool occasionally used to hide actions from the public or gag officials to prevent them from relating secret conversations conducted by elected members of government.  It’s called “executive session.” Continue reading “Gag Rule or Legitimate Law?”

Ted Stambolitis’ 80% Tax Solution

After Monday night’s (August 17) Lexington Town Council meeting at which the proposed hospitality tax (H Tax) was discussed, I overheard two council members talking about Councilman Ted Stambolitis’ public statements and how they differed from those he shared with the other members.  This sharing was done via email and I asked if the correspondence was sent to council’s official email address(  If so, this would make it publicly available via the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).  Continue reading “Ted Stambolitis’ 80% Tax Solution”