South Carolina

Why South Carolina Could Be The Most  Hauntingly Beautiful Place On Earth

Causes of Death (by county and cause)

South Carolina Facts and Trivia

43 Things You Probably Don’t Know About South Carolina

35 Things You Need To Know About South Carolina Before You Move There

3. Walahalla, SC

Here Are 17 Enchanting Hidden Gems In South Carolina Worth Taking A Detour For

Let’s face it, South Carolina is not the biggest state in the United States.

These 15 Festivals And Fairs In South Carolina Are A Must-Do This Year

South Carolina has a festival for just about everything. I could name a list

Here Are 20 Mouth-Watering Foods That Everyone In South Carolina Loves

Food in South Carolina are deep-rooted in tradition. Depending on region and funds available,

These 15 Finger-Licking Burger Joints In South Carolina Will Make Your Taste Buds Go Crazy

Oh, you know exactly what I’m talking about. The taste of flamed beef, the

Here Are 48 Quirky, Odd, And Just Plain Hilarious Names Of South Carolina Towns

I have to tell you folks that it was a difficult task to pare

These 14 Stupendously Eerie Happenings In South Carolina Will Make You Think Twice

Weird, eerie, creepy, supernatural, uncanny. These are all words we use to describe phenomena

These Are The 20 Biggest Risks Of Living In South Carolina

It is no surprise that living anywhere comes with risks such as volcanoes, tornadoes

These 18 Stunning Songs of South Carolina Will Bring It All Back Home To You

Music is more than bits of notes placed in a lyrical arrangement for auditory

These 12 Awesome Getaways In South Carolina Are PERFECT for Memorial Day

Looking for something to do on Memorial Day that doesn’t involve staying home and

These 10 Really Crazy World Records Are Held In South Carolina

Obtaining a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records is always beyond exciting

These 15 Horrific Tragedies Of South Carolina Will Never Be Forgotten

There are moments when time stops and the world stands still. Silence descends so

These 15 Unsung Heroes In South Carolina Did The Unforgettable

When most people hear the word ‘hero’ they think of a man in a

When Californians Try South Carolina Cuisine…The Result Is Hysterical

So, wait! Have you ever thought about what other people in other states (excluding

15 Things To Never Say Or Ask Someone From South Carolina…Ever!

At some point in your life you have heard someone say something that has

These 16 Utterly Absurd And Strange Laws Are Only In South Carolina

Laws. Every state has them and some of them are forgotten. Lost in the

15 Things You Only Know To Be True If You Are From South Carolina

There are times when it takes a native to say, “Yes! That is true.

17 Of The Most Romantic Places In South Carolina For That Unforgettable Kiss

It can be extremely stressful when it comes to planning that perfect first kiss

19 Stereotypes About South Carolina That Need To Be Put To Rest

South Carolina carries with it many stereotypes/misconceptions about its state and its people. As

21 Exceptional South Carolina Attractions That Are Nothing Short Of Amazing

There comes a time when you have visited every museum there is to see,

12 Georgous South Carolina Lakes That Are Demanding Your Attention This Summer

There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that South Carolinians absolute adore water. I

Here Are 20 Life Lessons You’ll Learn Growing Up In South Carolina

Growing up is the easy part. Being an adult is hard. You start to

10 Terrible And Terrifying South Carolina Storms Caught On Tape

South Carolina has been pretty lucky overall when it comes to storms whether they

20 Ways To Spot Someone From South Carolina – No Matter Where They Are

South Carolinians carry with them a distinct air. So, it is pretty easy to

15 Surprising Things You Never Thought To Do In South Carolina

For all the things you think about doing in South Carolina there are just

22 Words And Phrases Only A South Carolinian Would Understand

Words are powerful beings. They have been known to build a city and demolish

These 9 Urban Legends Of South Carolina Are Strange, Disturbing, And Terrifying

We know what we like to hear about our state, about the place we

The Beauty Of These 18 South Carolina Churches Will Leave You Spellbound

The thought and passion that goes into the building of a church is almost

17 Lip-Smacking South Carolina Ice Cream Shops That Are A Must-Try This Summer

Spring has sprung and everyone knows what that means in South Carolina. It means

Here Are 20 Reasons Why Living In South Carolina Is The Absolute BEST

In 2014, United ranked South Carolina #2 in the United States for inbound residents.

You Probably Didn’t Know These 15 Inventions Came From South Carolina

Plato once said that necessity is the mother of invention. I have to say

These 15 Amazing Day Trips Will Make You Fall In Love With South Carolina All Over Again

There is so much to see in South Carolina that sometimes it can be

These 5 Adrenaline-Pumping Zipline Adventures In South Carolina Will Knock Your Socks Off

South Carolina offers so much in the way of out-of-doors adventures such as fishing,

These 10 Spine-Tingling Hauntings In South Carolina Will Make You Leave The Lights On

You know exactly what I’m talking about. People talk of ghosts all the time

13 Unique South Carolina Restaurants That Will Give You A Truly Unforgettable Dining Experience

There are times when we get caught up in the rat race and pick

9 Infamous Bone-Chilling Unsolved Mysteries In South Carolina

Every state has its unsolved mysteries and South Carolina, unfortunately, is not without its

These 20 Modern Vintage Photos In South Carolina Will Take You To The Past

South Carolina is more than just the land, it is the people, the atmosphere,

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