Conservative or Liberal?

When reading news and opinion, it has become more important to understand the source of the information. Is the writer biased? Does the website have a particular bent?

On this page is an alphabetical list of the top liberal and conservative websites with their generally accepted label. The websites are chosen based on their popularity as determined by the internet analytics site Alexa..

ACLU Liberal
Air America Liberal
All News Pipeline Conservative
Allen B. West Conservative
Alternet Liberal
America Blog Liberal
American Conservative Conservative
American Spectator Conservative
American Thinker Conservative
Amnesty International Liberal
Ann Coulter Conservative
Antiwar Liberal
Army Times Conservative
Atlas Shrugs ( Conservative
Bad Subjects Liberal
Bartcop Liberal
Bill O’Reilly Conservative
Breitbart Conservative
Buzzflash Liberal
Canada Free Press Conservative
Center for American Progress Liberal
CNN Liberal
CNS News Conservative
Commentary Magazine Conservative
Common Dreams Liberal
Conservative Tribune Conservative
Counterpunch Liberal
Crooks and Liars Liberal
Daily Caller Conservative
Daily Kos Liberal Conservative
Daniel Pipes Conservative
Debbie Schlussel Conservative
Dick Morris Conservative
Down Trend Conservative
Drudge Report Conservative
Drudge Retort Liberal
End of the American Dream Conservative
Eschaton Liberal
Family Research Council Conservative
Feministing Liberal
Firedoglake Liberal
First Things Conservative
FiveThirtyEight Liberal
Fox News Conservative
Free Republic Conservative
Freedom Daily Conservative
Freedom Outpost Conservative
Freedom Works Conservative
Front Page Magazine Conservative
Glenn Beck Conservative
GOP The Daily Dose Conservative
GOPUSA Conservative
Harper’s Magazine Liberal
Heritage Foundation Conservative
Hot Air Conservative
Hugh Hewitt Conservative
Human Events Conservative
IJ Review Conservative
Indy Media Liberal
Information Clearing House Liberal
Infowars Conservative
Instapundit/Pajamas Media Conservative
Inter-American Commission on Human Rights Liberal
Jihad Watch Conservative
Laura Ingraham Conservative
Legal Insurrection Conservative
Lew Rockwell Conservative
Liberty Alliance Conservative
Life News Conservative
LifeSiteNews Conservative Conservative
Mad World News Conservative
Mark Levin Conservative
Media Matters Liberal
Media Research Center Conservative
Michael Moore Liberal Conservative
Mother Jones Liberal
MoveOn Liberal
Mr. Conservative Conservative
MRC TV Conservative
MyDD Liberal
National Review Online Conservative
New Yorker Liberal
News With Views Conservative
NewsBusters Conservative
NewsMax Conservative
Newsweek Liberal
NPR Liberal
Oliver Willis Liberal
OpEdNews Liberal
Patriot Update Conservative
Personal Liberty Digest Conservative
PJ TV Conservative
Planned Parenthood Liberal
Political Wire Liberal
Radix News Conservative
Raw Story Liberal Conservative
Red Alert Politics Conservative
Red State Conservative
RedFlag News Conservative
Restoring Liberty ( Conservative
Right Wing News Conservative
Rush Limbaugh Conservative
Salon Liberal
Sean Hannity Conservative Conservative
Slate Liberal
Steyn Online Conservative
The American Conservative
The American Prospect Liberal
The Atlantic Liberal
The Black Sphere Conservative
The Blaze Conservative
The Brookings Institute Liberal
The Common Sense Show Conservative
The Conservative Tree House Conservative
The Daily Beast Liberal
The Daily Signal Conservative
The Democratic Underground Liberal
The Economic Collapse Blog Conservative
The Gateway Pundit Conservative
The Huffington Post Liberal
The Libertarian Republic Conservative
The Liberty Beacon Conservative
The Nation Liberal
The New American Conservative
The New Republic Liberal
The Patriot Post Conservative
The People’s Cube Conservative
The Right Scoop Conservative
The Village Voice Liberal
The Washington Free Beacon Conservative
The Washington Monthly Liberal Conservative
Think Progress Liberal
Three Percenter Nation Conservative
Time Liberal
Top Right News Conservative
Town Hall Conservative
TPM Cafe Liberal
TPNN Conservative
TruthDig Liberal
Truthout Liberal
Twitchy Conservative
U.S. News & World Report Liberal
Universal Free Press Conservative
Washington Examiner Conservative
Washington Times Conservative
Weasel Zippers Conservative
Weekly Standard Conservative
Western Journalism Conservative
What Really Happened Liberal
Wonkette Liberal
World Magazine Conservative
World Socialist Website Liberal
Young Conservatives Conservative
Zmag Liberal