PAC Demands Stupid Promises

The regressive Palmetto Liberty PAC is appealing to voters (and soliciting funds) by using candidate responses to a bizarre survey.   In an email to followers, the subsidiary to out-of-state special interests tries to paint certain candidates as untrustworthy because they refused to promise not to vote for new taxes.  Although that sounds reasonable at first blush, such promises would be the sign of a candidate dedicated to poor governance. Continue reading “PAC Demands Stupid Promises”

Teppara: More Out-of-State $ Than District

Lexington County Council candidate Dino Teppara has more campaign donors and more campaign money from out-of-state than from the district he is running to represent.   According to South Carolina State Ethics Commission filings, Mr. Teppara collected 35 non-South Carolina contributions totalling $8,777 whereas only 14 potential constituents have given  $2,885. Of that, $1,050 came from the candidate and someone living at his residence. Continue reading “Teppara: More Out-of-State $ Than District”

Arrogance Is Not Petty: Character Counts

On primary Tuesday a picture was posted on the Lake and Main Facebook page (and a few others) of a County Council candidate illegally parked in a handicapped zone. Many were righteously outraged at his disregard for the law and a few thought bringing attention to it “petty” and “juvenile.”  Continue reading “Arrogance Is Not Petty: Character Counts”

Lex Clerk of Court Demeans Office in Facebook Rant

Lexington County Clerk of Court Beth Carrigg posted a bizarre, profane rant on Facebook on Wednesday in which she apears to be callng out personal or political detractors.  The redacted text appears below and an unredacted screenshot of the post can be seen here.

Carrigg is not running for re-election, but until her successor is sworn in, she holds an elective office and is a public servant. In that position she represents Lexington County and county citizens making her sophomoric screed, whatever the reason, unacceptable.  Embarrassing herself in public is bad enough, but this demeans the office of Clerk of Court and projects onto the county and its population. Over the last few years, voters have begun to purge the county of  government and representative bad actors.  We neither need or want not should we accept shameful behavior by those we have elected.

Because Ms. Carrigg is an elected county official, it is the responsibility of the Governor to exact disciplinary actions.  Governor Haley has been notified of this instance and Lexington County Citizens and voters should hope she will take the appropriate action.

So…. It’s been an interesting few years and I know that I am not invincible and far from perfect, but I am honest to a fault! I also know that when I signed up to be a public servant, I signed away all of my rights as a private citizen and I am painfully aware that people can say anything they want about me whether it’s true or not; hell they can just make **** up and I am supposed to take it and smile! Well… I’ve never been very good at that particular part of this game! See, I hate a thief and a liar! I despise weakness and excuses! So I just want to be very clear about the rules of engagement when you come for me or mine! When you wake up and eat your little bowl of wheaties (remember what they did for Bruce Jenner) and you look down to see that those raisins between your legs or on your chest are now the size of grapefruits and you are feeling particularly froggy, you better make damn sure your arsenal has more in it than **** & vinegar and some game pieces! Because my arsenal is a stock pile of 1.God and 2.The Truth (which is an absolute defense!) Couple that with the fact that I am unafraid and unapologetic and I am ready for war…. Not a chess game! So I just want to be clear and on the record….. When you come at me, your first strike better be a ****ing death blow, because if I ever get up…… YOU WONT!!
Happy Hump Day peeps.. Smooches to ya!

Tolar’s Folly

Lexington County Councilman Ned Tolar (R-6) has proposed two plans to fund road improvements in the county.  According to The State newspaper, Tolar is looking to impose “impact fees” on new residential development and build a ”10-to 12-mile toll road linking I-20 to the I-26/I-77 intersection near the Congaree River in Richland County – stretching across Red Bank to Dixiana – to route traffic away from Malfunction Junction.Continue reading “Tolar’s Folly”