Ron Williams For Mayor

Since this article is about transparency, it is right and proper for me to make the reader aware that Lexington Town Councilman Ron Williams is a friend and a neighbor.

When Lexington Councilman Ron Williams told me he was thinking of running for Mayor, I was surprised and confused .  It isn’t like him to do something just for the heck of it and I can’t see him do it for ego or self promotion. Continue reading “Ron Williams For Mayor”

Lexington vs Masons: Make That TWO Million and P-Nuts

Lake and Main previously reported that the hotel development company Lexington Hospitality paid $1 million for the property at 116 East Main Stree in downtown Lexington.   In fact, the company also bought an adjacent, .24 acre strip of land for an additional $1 million, putting the total investment for a proposed Mariott-branded hotel at $2 million. Continue reading “Lexington vs Masons: Make That TWO Million and P-Nuts”