Is Lexington Flushing Taxpayer Money?

Timing, as has been said, is everything.

Lake and Main started looking at the Town of Lexington problems with Carolina Water Services/Bue Granite Water in the Spring.  A FOIA request was submitted and fulfilled in May and a series of clarifying questions were forwarded to the Town Administrator, Mr. Britt Poole.  Mr. Poole was hesitant to answer those questions because of pending litigation, presumably the condemnation hearings regarding Blue Granite’s I-20 wastewater treatment plant.  He did offer to discuss them “off the record, but L&M decided that not having anything quotable was not useful. Continue reading “Is Lexington Flushing Taxpayer Money?”

Lexington Jumps Into The Eminent Domain Sewer Again

The Town of Lexington is trying to condemn (acquire through eminent domain) a wastewater facility from the company Blue Granite Water (BGW) (formerly Carolina Water Service).  As one might expect given the subject and the participants, it’s a messy, stinky process with the Town, apparently, using it’s all-too-common practices of executive decision. Continue reading “Lexington Jumps Into The Eminent Domain Sewer Again”