Freedom of Information Ain’t Free

Lake and Main has spent many hours researching, writing and even defending reporting of the curious case of the Mayor of Lexington and his unnatural urge to provide free parking to a hotel in the middle of town. Many readers believed the pursuit of this story was merely campaign propaganda for MacDougall’s mayoral opponent – and my friend – Town Councilman Ron Williams. It was and is not.

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This Is What Mayor Steve MacDougall Did NOT Want You To Hear

At the 5 November Lexington Town Council meeting, Mayor Steve MacDougall, strictly abiding by a agenda HE controlled, refused to allow a citizen to speak.  Mrs. Elizabeth Monts Rauch, an icon in the Town and County of Lexington, wanted to address a conflict about the Town and it’s attempt to acquire family property via eminent domain.  Mrs. Rauch gave Lake and Main her statement.  It appears below.

(UPDATE: In a comment, Ms. Rauch states: “I was up before the gavel fell and was adjourned. I was told that I was on the agenda but that was false too. Citizens have always had the right to speak. Must be a new ruling against Roberts Rules if Order.”)

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MacDougall Refuses To Allow Citizens To Speak At Public Council Meetings

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Ron Williams For Mayor

Since this article is about transparency, it is right and proper for me to make the reader aware that Lexington Town Councilman Ron Williams is a friend and a neighbor.

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