Gag Rule or Legitimate Law?

The subject of Town Council meetings has come up frequently when trying to look into the workings of local government.  What has been discovered is a tool occasionally used to hide actions from the public or gag officials to prevent them from relating secret conversations conducted by elected members of government.  It’s called “executive session.” Continue reading “Gag Rule or Legitimate Law?”

The Million Dollar Bet

This is the third in a series of articles about the announced construction of a hotel on Main Street in Lexington.

Lake and Main has researched public records and emailed principal players to create a timeline of events regarding the intended construction of a hotel in downtown Lexington.  The proposed hotel would be in the heart of an already heavily congested area and has generated quite a bit of concern and conversation. Continue reading “The Million Dollar Bet”

Hotel Guest Parking ONLY

Last week, Lake and Main published an article titled A Hotel, The Town and The Masons.  It’s about the purchase of a currently vacant lot in the heart of the town by Lexington Hospitality with the intention of building a 90-100 room, Marriott-branded hotel.  The property is not large enough for both the hotel and the necessary parking to service it.  A Hotel, The Town and The Masons relates how the Town of Lexington, under the direction of Mayor Steve MacDougall, is attempting to acquire property across W. Butler Street from the land on which a hotel is being built.  That property belongs to Lexington Masonic Lodge #152 and includes their two-story lodge building.  To obtain that property, the Town of Lexington has considered “condemning” it by evoking eminent domain and build either a parking lot or garage. Continue reading “Hotel Guest Parking ONLY”

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