Is Lexington Flushing Taxpayer Money?

Timing, as has been said, is everything.

Lake and Main started looking at the Town of Lexington problems with Carolina Water Services/Bue Granite Water in the Spring.  A FOIA request was submitted and fulfilled in May and a series of clarifying questions were forwarded to the Town Administrator, Mr. Britt Poole.  Mr. Poole was hesitant to answer those questions because of pending litigation, presumably the condemnation hearings regarding Blue Granite’s I-20 wastewater treatment plant.  He did offer to discuss them “off the record, but L&M decided that not having anything quotable was not useful. Continue reading “Is Lexington Flushing Taxpayer Money?”

Epilogue: Lexington is Better Than This

– Secret Group Calls for Investigation of Lexington County Council Chairman

–  Part 2: Secret Group Calls For Investigation

– Part 3: Group Lies About Jeffcoat Salary

Lexington County is in the first stages of an economic boom.  Commercial and residential real estate properties are moving, the population is growing, more school-age children are filling the schools and the needs to accommodate all this are stacking up.  Unfortunately, like the rest of the state, the condition of roads in Lexington are poor; potholes, crumbling shoulders, some not wide enough, many not even paved.  Yet cars, trucks and school buses must negotiate these sub-standard thruways because we are ignorant or selfish.  

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Dozen Lexington roads won’t be reopened until after Thanksgiving

The Federal Highway Administration already has provided $5 million to the S.C. Transportation Department to repair roads and bridges that are eligible for federal aid.

In counties declared disaster areas, the federal government will repay the state most of the cost of repairing state roads and bridges, and removing debris.

Lexington road repairs after Nov. 26

Devils Backbone Road, Drawdebil Road, Durham Drive, Old Barnwell Road, Ottawa Trail/Natchez Street, Ramblin Road, Sandlewood Drive, Taylor Street, Wilton Road, Windy Road, Woodberry Road
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