Lexington vs Masons: Make That TWO Million and P-Nuts

Lake and Main previously reported that the hotel development company Lexington Hospitality paid $1 million for the property at 116 East Main Stree in downtown Lexington.   In fact, the company also bought an adjacent, .24 acre strip of land for an additional $1 million, putting the total investment for a proposed Mariott-branded hotel at $2 million. Continue reading “Lexington vs Masons: Make That TWO Million and P-Nuts”

Gag Rule or Legitimate Law?

The subject of Town Council meetings has come up frequently when trying to look into the workings of local government.  What has been discovered is a tool occasionally used to hide actions from the public or gag officials to prevent them from relating secret conversations conducted by elected members of government.  It’s called “executive session.” Continue reading “Gag Rule or Legitimate Law?”

A Hotel, The Town and The Masons

In May of this year, it was announced that a vacant lot – and prime piece of real estate – in the middle of downtown Lexington had been purchased by the Lexington Hospitality Group.  The intention is to build a hotel, believed to be a Springhill Suites by Marriott, on that Main Street location. 
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Continue reading “A Hotel, The Town and The Masons”