I, Steve MacDougall, Do Solemnly Swear

I attended opening arguments in the compensation trial in which it will be decided how much the Town of Lexington must pay Carolina Water Services (now Blue Granite Water) for property the Town has taken via eminent domain.

As to be expected, both sides told only HALF of their respective stories.  Each will bring environmental and engineering experts to testify to their own particular argument as testimony is presented.

I would like to see Mayor Steve MacDougall subpoenaed.  Don’t care which side brings him in, I just want him to testify to the Town’s decision process.  Who has been making the calls on the citizens’ behalf?  The Mayor? Town Administrator Britt Poole? Lawyers?  This I know – it hasn’t been the elected members of the Town Council.  I know this because ther are no public records showing Council votes on expenditures of MILLIONS of taxpayer dollars in the acquisition of the i-20 wastewater plant.

Unless … Unless all this was decided in secret – executive session.  Nah!  THAT’S against the law!

Put your hand on the bible, Mr, Mayor and tell the Court…


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