A Masonic Request

In writing about the Town of Lexington’s attempt to acquire Lexington Masonic Lodge property via eminent domain, Lake and Main’s intention was to expose a wrong.

The story has gotten traction, which was the purpose, and ignited the community in righteous outrage.  It has also become a political football.  THAT has become problematic for the Lodge.

Throughout the process of developing and publishing the articles, L&M has tried to be sensitive to and respectful of Lexington Masonic Lodge #152 and all Freemasons. Everything published came from or with the approval of the local Lodge.  However, the famously apolitical fraternity is concerned and uncomfortable that their problem with local government is being used as a tool in these mayoral campaigns.

In a text received from a representative of the Lodge was the following :

We no way endorse either one of these candidates.  Please, if you would, put our request out for both of them to stop.  We don’t care who gets elected for the next fifty years, we just want to be left alone. The letter to you was in the hopes that the people of Lexington would have some idea of what kind of leadership they have. Your help in this matter would be GREATLY appreciated.

Lake and Main is proud to have assisted in helping the Lodge and appreciate it’s trust in allowing us to tell the story.


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