Quack, Quack

Over two months ago, Lake and Main posted a simple message on our Facebook page.  It read:


It didn’t stop.  So here we are.
The idea of the cryptic warning was to let Lexington Mayor Steve MacDougall and his allies know that their tricks were noticed while giving them an opportunity to stop without consequence.  But, I suppose some people just can’t control their darker nature when it comes to political survival.

For instance, MacDougall and his supporters have taken to “reminding” voters that his opponent in next month’s mayoral race, Ron Williams, has a federal civil rights conviction on his record.

It’s true.  It happened 27 years ago and was politically tinged.  Williams posted the whole story three months ago on his Facebook campaign page. Rather than retell it here, I encourage voters to read about it for themselves.

But the sleaze isn’t just in recounting a candidate’s past.  No, the worst was when MacDougall tried to get Williams to drop his challenge because “it would be detrimental to the town” if his past were made public. 

If he had mailed Williams the entreaty, my guess is that the envelope would have been black.

And then there was the ghost Facebook page that did just what MacDougall, umm, suggested … might happen.  

And if that wasn’t enough, threatening to have SLED investigate him for “dereliction of duty” was also thrown in.  Yeah… the Mayor wanted to have a Council member thrown in the hoosegow for defying him – a Council member who JUST HAPPENS TO BE RUNNING AGAINST HIM!  Once again, executive session.

And what was his perceived transgression?  Williams supposedly told a member of Lexington Masonic Lodge #152 that maybe they should hire an attorney and sue the Town to protect themselves.

Let’s examine that… First, Williams has told Lake and Main that he adamantly refutes saying that.  But, if he DID, so what?  The comment would have been nothing more than advice to a constituent.  That’s what we elect people to do!  Yet, Mayor MacDougall wanted to arrest Williams for it.

But you don’t have to trust me.  Call the other members of the Town Council and ask them.

WHY is the Mayor SO attached to this hotel?  What’s his motivation? 

head-scratching-cartoonIs it a coincidence that in February of this year, Steve MacDougall DEMANDED the Town Council use eminent domain to acquire the Masonic property?  This within a few days of Lexington Hospitality forming a new company, 116 East Main Street LLC, a name that is the address of the proposed hotel on land not actually purchased until THREE MONTHS LATER!  

But you don’t have to trust me.  Call the other members of the Town Council and ask them.

Does he truly believe the hotel is a necessary fixture for the Town?  SO necessary that he wants to take property from one of the country’s most revered and respected charitable organizations?

SO necessary that he tries to bully his campaign opponent?

SO necessary that he would have that same opponent arrested for potentially derailing the project?

Does he have so little regard for the grinding traffic problems in downtown Lexington that he so vigorously champions the construction of a hotel in the middle of it?

We’ve become a very litigious society, so one must be very careful what one says or writes, so I’ll leave it to the reader to decide what might be happening here.

In doing so, the phrase “if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck…” might be useful.


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2 thoughts on “Quack, Quack

  1. MacDougall has a history of using his office to threaten people to protect himself and his position. This is NOT someone you want representing you. Vote him out!


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