The two most popular public servants in Lexington County are identifiable simply by their first names.  Like Elvis, you say “Katrina” and everyone knows you’re talking about South Carolina State Senator Katrina Shealy.  In the Town of Lexington, and even beyond its borders, we all know the name “Hazel.”

Hazel Livingston is an iconic personality in Lexington for very good reason.  Like the Senator, the Town’s Mayor Pro Tem is a classic (and classy) Southern Lady – smart, trusted, adored, gracious, sassy and determined.

Although she is known for championing parks and green space, Hazel’s passion, as trite and cliché as it may sound, is 20180509_124146community.  Whether she is marshalling neighbors from her position on the Woodcreek Homeowners’ Association or responding to citizen calls as a Council Member, she approaches each task, request or job with the same vigor and sense of duty.

Hazel Livingston is my friend and neighbor, neither of which is a qualification for public service.  My wife and I moved back to South Carolina after an almost 40 year absence.  We researched a lot of places as our final residence and chose Lexington for many reasons.  Hazel represents all those reasons AS a neighbor and friend, but the additional benefit is her presence on the Lexington Town Council.  Hazel has made a name for herself and people trust that name. It’s a proven, reliable brand that assures the voters they will not be deceived or ignored or underserved.

Yeah, we’ll vote for our friend, but we’re mostly voting for the person who had so much to do with making Lexington the place we want to live and who will work to keep it that way.

Shakespeare famously wrote, “What’s in a name?”  In Lexington, we know all too well what’s in the name Hazel.



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One thought on “Hazel

  1. Could not have said it any better myself. I am very proud of the woman who just happens to be my bride! She loves the Town of Lexington and takes great pride and joy in serving its residents.

    D. Livingston, aka….’Mr. Hazel’


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