Did Steve MacDougall Call the Masons Liars?

In an article published by The State Newspaper, Lexington Mayor Steve MacDougall made a statement that is being interpreted as calling the Masons of Lexington Lodge #152 liars.

The article, published on 31 October, includes the following passage (emphasis added):

Mayor Steve MacDougall, who is running for reelection, came under fire when members of the lodge said the town was trying to condemn their property to build a parking lot. A letter from the Masons posted on the watchdog blog Lake & Main said the town and the mayor were trying to make a land grab.

That prompted MacDougall to post a statement on Facebook denying the Masons’ accusation. He also accused Town Council member Ron Williams, who is challenging MacDougall in Tuesday’s mayoral election, of sharing private council discussions with the Masons and advising them to sue the town.

org1004Ya know … there are some things smart people, and even the dumb ones, don’t do.  Near the very top of that list is to question the integrity of the Freemasons.  For over 300 years, Freemasonry has championed honesty, family, charity, ethics, tolerance and community.

Who is Steve MacDougall to “deny” ANYTHING a Masonic Lodge as a whole – not just a single individual, but the WHOLE LODGE – says?  It’s akin to secular blasphemy.

MacDougall is very fortunate that it is the Masons he is slandering.  Given the purpose of their existence, they won’t do what they SHOULD do – march in the streets like villagers with torches going after Frankenstein.

So, read the article for context.  The above passage is in the third paragraph.  Decide for yourself, as I did, and answer the question:  Did Steve MacDougall Call the Masons Liars?

I read it.

Yes.  Yes he did.



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