Call The Council Members!

Lexington Mayor Steve MacDougall has finally responded (sort of) to the Masonic/Eminent Domain/Hotel controversy that’s swirling around him.  In a recent Facebook post, the Mayor wrote a long and tortured version of events as he wants voters to believe.

The post (click on See More below) is rife with excuses, finger pointing and lies.  That will be discussed in an upcoming post.  But for now, you, the Town of Lexington voter, need to challenge the Mayor.

MacDougall has been asked if he recommended the Town consider evoking eminent domain to acquire the Masonic property.  He refuses to answer the question forthrightly, or at all.

In his post, he stated:

In one Executive Session earlier this year, in regards to the Lexington Masonic Lodge #152, eminent domain was brought up. The council agreed that this was NOT an option and that we would purchase the property if necessary.

Do you see it?  “eminent domain was brought up.”  Brought up?  By whom? 

MacDougall doesn’t say.  Could it be it’s because HE initiated the idea?

So here’s what you should do.

CALL members of Town Council. Here are their telephone numbers:

Steve MacDougall – 803-996-3765
Hazel Livingston – 803-463-6575
Kathy Maness – 803-603-4434
Todd Carnes – 803-960-4318
Ron Williams – 803-730-6395
Steve Baker – 803-730-3897
Todd Lyle – 803-960-8361

and ASK THEM…  

“Did Steve MacDougall insist on using eminent domain to obtain the Masonic property?

If they refuse to answer by claiming they can’t discuss because it was said in executive session, DEMAND an answer and tell them

  1. The Mayor has already brought it up
  2. There is no state or town law protecting executive action discussions from public disclosure.  (Reference)
  3. (If necessary) Who are you protecting?

Call and come back here and relate your experience in the comment section.


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2 thoughts on “Call The Council Members!

  1. Charlie let it be noted that all council members except one and she will know who she is; spoke to me son daughter and myself. They were cordial several even apologizing for the rudeness of the mayor. The mayor even though he said we will come down and talk with you left out of another exit so as not to have to face us.


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