Facebook Ghost Plays Dirty Politics

On Monday, October 15, “Crystal Redford” joined Facebook.  According to “her” profile, “Redford,” a former student of the Univeraity of Houston quickly racked up an eclectic and diverse group of 111 friends from around the world.

There is no residential, occupational or other identifying information about “Crystal Redford.”  No check-ins and, other than a single profile picture, no photos.  No marital status and not even a designated gender.

On the same day “Redford” joined Facebook, “she” also joined the Facebook page Happenings in Lexington.

Two days later, in the early evening of Wednesday, the 17th, “Crystal Redford” posted the following:


That post is no longer available, having been deleted when it was called out as fake.

What was referenced in the clearly ghosted Facebook post was a 1991 a long reolved incident involving Mr. Ron Williams, now a candidate for Mayor of Lexington.

But, this is not news.  On July 26, 2018, almost 3 months ago, Mr. Willams posted the story himself on his Facebook campaign page.

“Crystal Redford” – with NO identifiable connection to Lexington or even South Carolina – joined Facebook and Happenings in Lexington on the same day and with “her” FIRST AND ONLY post anywhere on Facebook dredges up an old, innocuous story only three weeks before an election in which the subject of the story is a candidate for Mayor?

Who would reach back almost three decades to resurrect a negative, albeit true, story about a candidate for office in an election less than 20 days hence?

WHO could possibly benefit from this?



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2 thoughts on “Facebook Ghost Plays Dirty Politics

  1. Who is running the current mayors campaign? Similar pages popped up during the sheriffs race in 2015 and a couple of other races since. Could be the same person?


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