CA / NYC / Paris / Charleston … Columbia?

Those of us who live in South Carolina love the place.  Some may pity us and some may envy us.  Even so, you’ve got to wonder why particular folks want so badly to become a part of the Palmetto State brood.  

Constance Anastopoulo is one of those curiosities.

Anastopoulo is the Democratic candidate for South Carolina Attorney General.  A law professor at Charleston School of Law specializing in torts and litigation but, importantly, she has no prosecutorial experience.  That’s a critical flaw as prosecution is a key component of the Attorney General’s job.  

The South Carolina Constitution defines the Attorney General’s role as “chief prosecuting officer of the State with authority to supervise the prosecution of all criminal cases in courts of record.
[South Carolina Attorney General Overview]

Even worse, Constance Anastopoulo is running as a “fusion” candidate, appearing on the ballot as both a Democrat, and a Working Families Party candidate.  Bernie Sanders – who should know –  called the Working Families Party the closest thing to his view of socialism.

There are also serious questions about where Anastopoulo calls home.

  • From July 15th through December 17th of 2015 the Anastopoulo’s lived in a million dollar apartment in Paris, France
  • On September 30th, 2015 the Anastopoulo’s purchased a home in the Hollywood Hills area of Los Angeles, CA for over $1.6 million.
  • In her blog, Constance calls LA “home” in 2016. The Anastopoulo’s settled into their “home” in LA upon returning from a 6-month trip in Paris. [That blog has been taken down since this was reported in the Charleston Post and Courier on 27 September]
  • In July of 2017, the Anastopoulos purchased a million dollar condominium in New York City.
  • Anastopoulo car LA
    Click image to enlarge

    In January of 2018, Google “street view” captured an image of a car registered to Constance Anastopoulo parked in front of their Los Angeles address.

  • On February 3rd, 2018, husband Akim Anastopoulo donated $500 to “Andrew Janz for Congress”, a Fresno, California Democrat, and listed their Los Angeles address as their home address.

So … why would an unqualified, multi-millionaire, extremist socialist, jet-setting, bi-coastal candidate who may not even live in the state want to be our ($92,007/year) Attorney General?  Is this a good fit for South Carolina? 



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