UPDATE: What is Ted Stambolitis Hiding?

Earlier this week, Lake and Main asked “What is Ted Stambolitis Hiding?” The article pointed out that Lexington Town Councilman Ted Stambolitis’ failure to file a state-mandated Statement of Economic Interest (SEI) – apparently intentionally.

Included in the previous article were screenshots from the State Ethics Commission website showing no record of Stambolitis’ submission.  Officials are required to submit their SEIs by March 30 each year.

A FOIA request to the Lexington Town Clerk resulted in the acquisition of two documents in which councilmembers were reminded to submit their SEIs prior to the 30 March deadline.

Lexington Town Council Calendar for March, 20171
28 March, 2017 email from Town of Lexington Municipal Clerk Becky Hildebrand

In each of the above, councilmembers were reminded of the SEI deadline.  According to Ethics Committee information, ALL Town of Lexington officials of whom SEI’s are required fulfilled that obligation – except for Ted Stambolitis.

For voters/taxpayers/citizens, it is not only disturbing that Mr, Stambolitis considers himself excepted from the law, but equally unsatisfactory is the Ethics Commission’s poor policing of violations of laws for which it is responsible.

Lexington and Lexington County voters are trying to scrape away decades of corruption and cronyism. High profile efforts to root out dirty politicians at the state level (including one that represents part of Lexington County) serve as reminders that “representatives” too often serve someone or something other than voters.

These articles do not contend that Councilman Stambolitis is corrupt, but we deserve from our public servants behavior that does not imply or suggest misconduct.  Our history is too tainted and our future too bright to accept anything else.

Why Councilman Stambolitis had chosen to act so detrementally is known only to him.  He OWES the Ethics Commission, the Town Council and, most importantly, the voters answers.

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