For Whom Does Rick Quinn Work?

Lexington State House Representative Rick Quinn (R-69) was in court today on a bond hearing as a result of the latest corruption indictment brought by state solicitor David Pascoe.  In addition to Rep. Quinn and his father, powerful political consultant Richard Quinn, were state Sen. John Courson, R-Richland; and ex-state Reps. Tracy Edge, R-Horry, and Jim Harrison, R-Richland.

Reporting on the hearing, The State newspaper posted the following:

As an example of the elder Quinn’s reach, Pascoe described Quinn’s efforts in January 2013 to land a big corporate client, who the prosecutor did not identify.

Quinn picked up the unnamed company’s chief executive at the airport and took him to a private State House meeting with Courson, then president pro tem — or leader — of the state Senate. Afterward, they had lunch with Attorney General Alan Wilson — like Courson, a Quinn political client — and met with Quinn Jr. Later, the CEO had supper with Quinn Jr. and six other lawmakers. At the meeting, Wilson told the CEO that Quinn has “tentacles” throughout state government, Pascoe said.

This is a curious passage and leads to question’s about Rick Quinn’s clientele. 

Rep. Quinn serves on the S.C. House Judiciary Committee, not a position one would expect to recruit corporate investment. He also serves on the Greater Columbia Chamber of Commerce.  If Quinn was escorting the CEO as a Chamber member, why the visits to the State House, meals with “other lawmakers” and meeting with the Attorney General?

Was Rick Quinn trying to enlist the CEO on his father’s behalf?  If so, the prosecution’s charges that Rick was in his father’s employ are confirmed, making his defense much more complicated.  It could also lead to additional charges of perjury.

This particular narrative, one of many Pascoe’s team has developed with mountains of documentary evidence, has Rep. Quinn using his elected position and legislative connections for the benefit of someone or group other than his constituents.  For whom was Rick Quinn working, not just in this one instance, but through the entire time line of the misconduct and corruption allegations?

Rep. Quinn was suspended from his legislative position by S.C. House Speaker Jay Lucan since his first indictment in May for misconduct. 

Last week, Lake and Main encouraged Rep. Quinn “to immediately resign his seat in the State House of Representatives to allow a special election for the selection of his successor” because “the citizens of District 69 deserve and have the constitutional right to be represented in state governance.

Further, L&M believes the South Carolina State and Lexington County Republican Party organizations should act on behalf of Lexington voters and the county GOP electorate and petition Rep. Quinn to step down.


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