Lexington H-Tax Update

The information below was provided by Mr. Britt Poole, Lexington Town Administrator.

Of particular interest is the “net number of new businesses that would pay hospitality tax.”  According to Mr. Poole, 16 new businesses have come online since passage of the tax with another 8-13 in the pipeline.  This is significant because we were assured by anti-progress groups that should the hospitality tax be initiated, restaurants would leave Lexington and go to areas where the 2% levy did not exist.  Not only were these predictions false, it is clear that the tax has not only had no effect on current businesses, but the town continues to attract new ones.

We have collected $3,008,116.03 in hospitality taxes from 10/1/15-1/10/17

The net number of new businesses that would pay hospitality tax is 16. And of course, we have a number of ones under construction. 3 new grocery stores that are actively under construction or in permitting process and somewhere from 5 -10 restaurants.

The one way pair project is and has been at 100% design. We are waiting on SC DOTs final approval to go to bid and start construction. We will go to bid immediately upon their approval. Approval could come as soon as next week but we don’t control that.

Crossroads (middle school) Project: we received final comments for SC DOT on the study report around the first of December. Changes were made to comply and finalized report was submitted at the end of December. Once they officially accept the report we will begin the design

Corley Mill Gateway project: there are two smaller projects that council has authorized one is a modification of the off ramp and the other is an intersection improvement at Ginny Lane. These projects will be done regardless of what the final design for the larger project looks like. We hope to be complete with both before school starts back next year. The bigger project is still in the study phase but we hope to have an announcement about it in the next few months.

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2 thoughts on “Lexington H-Tax Update

  1. If I have a choice between “same name” [ i.e. Wendy’s] stores here in Red Bank, and Lexington, I will shop here and keep my 2% as if it belonged to me.


  2. great info, thanks for posting. Not surprising the anti-progress groups were dead wrong. Lexington needs to continue to look for funds (whether via additional taxes or other means) to ensure they appropriately handle the rapid growth going on. The traffic isn’t isn’t going to fix itself and it will cost $$ to do so. I am not for dumping money into unnecessary projects, but I think a vast majority of Lexington folks would agree further wise investments to reduce traffic is $ well spent.


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