Tears of the Snowflakes

We are seeing the true black heart of the American Liberal.

Since the election results, we’ve seen street protests, calls for impeaching a President-elect (seriously!), blacks viciously beating a white Trump supporter (assault, battery, hate crime, racism, intolerance), a movement for California to secede from the Union (not only is this sedition, it’s what those nasty Confederates did. It’s also xenophobic and smacks of exceptionalism) and threats of killing the President-elect (Just publicly proposing it is a federal felony).  

These are precisely the things liberals traditionally, consistently and falsely accuse of Conservatives. Remember the lies, lies, lies about Tea Party folks?

The standard sophomoric name calling has been exposed.

  • Don’t vote for Hillary? You’re sexist.
  • Want more cautious immigration?  You’re racist.
  • Want more responsible spending of taxpayer money? You’re racist, sexist and you hate the poor.
  • Don’t  like killing babies in the womb or as they are being born? You hate women.
  • Have a legitimate, science-based difference of opinion on the environment?  You’re a climate denier.
  • You don’t agree with ME?  YOU ARE A HATER!!

The election was a rejection of the snowflake group-think of ME! and the oppression of Big Government.  It was a rejection of the “gimme free stuff” mentality and “it’s not fair” whining.

490556_r960-776c39e9d7afc1df44b67d03da424b10The campaign revealed Clinton’s – and liberal’s – true skin.   Yes, Trump has serious flaws, but tens of millions of Americans felt oppressed by 8 years of bizarre political correctness, being belittled for their faith, being called names not because it was warranted, but simply because of honest disagreement.

What these childish liberal fools don’t know, don’t appreciate, don’t treasure is that America is a Safe Space. Those who did not vote for Donald Trump won’t be gathered up in the dark of night and bundled off to gulags.  They won’t be put on enemies lists or flagged by the IRS.  They will be able to say whatever they want, be it online, out loud or in chalk on the sidewalk and they will survive.  In the Real America and not the faux monster-in-the-closet immature liberals have come to think of it, disagreement is OK.  The “I Voted” sticker is not a participation trophy, it’s a badge of honor.

So, to all those wailing, teeth-gnashing, Veruca Salt cupcakes out there; grow the hell up! Continue your passions, but do it as a well-read, rational and behaved adult.




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