Lexington Town Council Election is About the Vision

There are three incumbent-held Lexington Town Council seats to be voted on in this year’s election (November 8).  Five candidates are campaigning for those three seats.  They are, in alphabetical order;

Steve Baker
Todd Carnes (Incumbent)
Jeannie Michaels
Todd Shevchik (Incumbent)
Ron Williams (Incumbent)

vote-hiThis is a good slate of candidates with each having something constructive to offer the Town of Lexington.  However, at this critical point in the town’s history, the best, most vibrant thing we can do is to make no change to our leadership.

Messrs. Carnes, Shevchik and Williams have been positive and visionary representatives in developing a plan to make Lexington a 21st Century community.  They are diligent, hard-working men who make tough decisions after thorough research and consultation.  The Town’s Vision Plan is a dynamic blueprint that, when realized, will modernize Lexington and, at the same time, prepare it for future growth and prosperity and Carnes, Shevchik and Williams have been at the center of the Plan’s development.

Mr. Baker and Ms. Michaels have talents that could benefit Lexington, but at this time, their potential is trumped by the proven experience and abilities of Carnes, Shevchik and Williams.

There isn’t time for learning curves.  Lexington’s progress must not be paused.  The goals Mr. Baker and Ms. Michaels have expressed are ones already being implemented by the incumbents.  Starting over only delays, if not damages, the work already accomplished and that being moved forward.  These candidates may have a future on the Council or in another town capacity, but these are not the positions and this is not the time.

Lake and Main recommends to Lexington voters the re-election of Todd Carnes, Todd Shevchik and Ron Williams.


    • If you don’t live in town, why do you care?
      If you don’t live in town, why should anyone who does care for whom you would or would not vote?
      With 3 seats up and 5 contenders (3 of whom are incumbents), if you wouldn’t vote for an incumbent, who gets your third vote?


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