Please Vote!

The turnout for the 14 June primary was dismal. It was embarrassing and those who passed on the great privilege of casting ballots should be ashamed of themselves. These times and the challenges we face are too important for disinterest.

Our economy, our roads and other infrastructure, our schools, our safety, our future as a community need the attention of EVERY citizen.  The many do not need or want their fortunes to be determined by the few.  Lexington must have a variety of ideas and opinions that can only come from participation by more than 12 or 13 percent of the electorate.

It doesn’t matter what offices are being decided.  EVERY elected position is important and each deserves attention from the public the offices are to serve.

Lexington County is becoming an economic and political force in South Carolina.  Ours are among the best and most coveted schools in the state.  We need to show how proud of and engaged in we are of the governmental process.

So VOTE in tomorrow’s runoff elections and own the future of Lexington County.


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