Teppara: More Out-of-State $ Than District

Lexington County Council candidate Dino Teppara has more campaign donors and more campaign money from out-of-state than from the district he is running to represent.   According to South Carolina State Ethics Commission filings, Mr. Teppara collected 35 non-South Carolina contributions totalling $8,777 whereas only 14 potential constituents have given  $2,885. Of that, $1,050 came from the candidate and someone living at his residence.

In addition to 49 donations from South Carolina, Mr. Teppara’s contributions came from Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, California and Wyoming at one each; Michigan, 2; Maryland, 3; North Carolina, 4; the District of Columbia, 7; and Virginia, 14.

Dino Teppara

There were as many contributions (14) to the Teppara campaign from Virginia as from his own district.

In all, Mr. Teppara received over three and one-half times the cash from outside the state than from his own county council district and from 2 and one-half times the number of people.

In addition to contributions from Council District 6 , his in-state funding came from Lexington, Columbia (17), Rock Hill, Hilton Head, Beaufort, Cayce, Irmo, Florence and Lugoff.

For someone who believes Richland County to be corrupt, it’s curious that Mr. Teppara  would accept 17 contributions from there while getting only 14 from his home district. In fact, $7,751 was given by people or companies with Columbia addresses (in Richland County). That’s three times the cash than from District 6; four times if not counting money from Mr. Teppara’s residence.

A total of $6,050 came from the candidate’s family and a company owned by a family member.

So what does this mean? 

First, it suggests people in District 6 don’t think enough of Mr. Teppara’s campaign to help finance it.

Second, as a candidate who decries the influence of “special interests,” with only 17% of his contributors and 12% of the money coming from his district, is it not fair to ask who Mr. Teppara will represent if elected?

Dino Teppara faces Erin Long Bergeson in a 28 June runoff for the Lexington County Council District 6 seat.

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