Blogger Supports “Attractive” Candidate For Solicitor: Wedekind Endorses Hubbard

South Carolina’s digital version of the National Enquirer has accused Eleventh Circuit Solicitor candidate Rick Hubbard of being part of the “Lexington Ring” while promoting his “attractive” opponent.

Will Lyin KingFITSnews referred to “The Hubbard-Myers ring and establishment defense attorneys -who make their living cutting deals for criminals to get lighter sentences...”  Meyers is Donnie Meyers, the current and long-time Solicitor who is stepping down after the latest in a series of DUI charges. Hubbard faces former Senior Assistant Solicitor in the 15th Circuit Candice Lively in a 28 June runoff to succeed Meyers.

FITS, aka Will Folks aka The Lyin’ King,  who is renowned for fabricating stories, faking sources and sexist posts, has favored Lively in this race. On the latter, Folks wrote

“This website has been supportive of Lively’s candidacy … if for no other reason than our founding editor, who lives in the eleventh circuit, fancies himself on the receiving end of a “no-knock raid” from the attractive prosecutor.”

But even Folks’ readers are calling him out in his characterization of Hubbard.

“how much does Will get paid for this fluff piece?” wrote one commenter.

“Here’s why I’m supporting Hubbard. Great trial lawyer & gets violent criminals off the street. Lexington needs Rick Hubbard.” said another, including a video link.

Most interesting this response:
“Really Will? She gave this sex offender Spirakis a sweet plea bargain & dropped his big charge. Link says 11 yr old threatened with knife & molested for years.  He only served 11 months of 2 yr sentence, Then he got out & now charged with molesting two 4 year olds.”

The accompanying link is to a news report about the 2010 case in which prosecuting attorney Lively allowed a repeat sex offender to plea to a reduced sentence, only to re-offend when released.

FITSnews also said Larry Wedekind, the third place candidate in Tuesday’s primary, “would make a good prosecutor.”  We take note, as should Will Folks and, most importantly, voters that Mr. Wedekind has endorsed Rick Hubbard in the runoff against Ms. Lively.



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2 thoughts on “Blogger Supports “Attractive” Candidate For Solicitor: Wedekind Endorses Hubbard

  1. You are suspect yourself at best. Here one day and gone for months without a word. You support anything old school lexington wants. Especially tax increases.


    1. Thank you for reading and your comment, albeit with a fake name. Most Lake and Main interaction is done via Facebook and Twitter as a convenience to readers. Posts to the page are primarily editorials and “big picture” issues. Follow us on Facebook for news and events of interest to the Lexington County community.


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