Shealy Challengers Prove She is Best Choice

State Senator Katrina Shealy may as well consider her re-election bid as “unopposed” even though there will be two other people on the June 14 Republican Primary ballot.

Shealy won the seat in 2012 by defeating the legendarily corrupt Jake Knotts in a stunning political upset.  Her election served as a testament to Lexington voters’ disgust over corrupt and unresponsive politicians.  Sen. Shealy has proved the wisdom of the electorate by being a faithful public servant true to the values of the citizens of her district.  She is smart, tough (as the only woman in the Senate, she has to be) and responsive to her constituents.   Senator Shealy is also widely recognized for her service by civic organizations from the Institute for Child Success to the South Carolina Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault, the South Carolina Wildlife Federation, the South Carolina Association of Taxpayers and many more. The Washington Post named her one of the 40 Most Interesting Women in Politics and the National Rifle Association gives her an A+ rating and has endorsed her in this race.

Katrina Shealy’s credentials are, in my opinion, solid.  Do her choices and opinions always synch with mine?  Usually, but not always.  Dwelling on those rare instances of disagreement would be childish given how often we DO agree.  But if any voters in South Carolina Senate District 23 need more convincing that Sen. Shealy is the best choice to serve them, they can look at her challengers.

Lake and Main has already examined the candidacy of Patricia Wheat.

Patricia Wheat

In addition to some bizarre philosophies (the United States military, social security and public schools are SIN!), Wheat has associated herself with sketchy groups, including a political action committee that may be operating illegally.  And the NRA gives her the ultimate thumbs down.

Shealy’s other opponent is businessman Michael Sturkie.  Sturkie, a crony of the aforementioned Jake Knotts, has already exhibited traits of the disgraced former Senator.

It has been pointed out by another blog that Sturkie bragged in The Midlands Christian Business Directory about what appears to be unethical business practices.

Michael Sturkie [The South-West Lexington Ledger]
Sturkie wanted to open a private landfill (dump) on land next to the Target store on Sunset Boulevard in Lexington. When the county and Target refused to accommodate him, he worked a deal with the Lexington Town Council to not only get his landfill, but forcing Target to be annexed.

In that same article, Sturkie also proudly proclaimed “I don’t take any campaign contributions outside of our District even though that puts me at a huge disadvantage.

Well, no. Campaign records show a contribution from a Cayce resident in District 26. Granted, it was only $75, but when it comes from one of only eight individuals that donate to the campaign, it shouldn’t be hard to remember.  The point isn’t the amount of money, but Sturkie’s intent to deceive voters into thinking he’s “one of them.”  Lexington left that kind of politician behind four years ago by sending Jake Knotts into retirement.

The lack of even remotely qualified opponents is evidence that Katrina Shealy is doing the job to which she was elected.  The Red Bank resident is the true face and voice of Lexington County.

Re-electing Katrina Shealy to the South Carolina Senate is not only the smart and right choice for Lexington, it’s the easiest one to make.

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