Shealy Response: I am a Strong Supporter of Second Amendment

South Carolina State Senator Katrina Shealy responded on Facebook to accusations that she has abandoned her promise to support the Second Amendment and gun owner rights.

I am going to respond to the Campaign for Liberty Email and the NAGR “National Association for Gun Rights” letters and all their false accusations. I will say it is dirty politics to make false accusations 2 weeks before an election but you get what you pay for!

I did not change my position on the Second Amendment. I am a strong supporter of our Second Amendment rights and have introduced legislation, held CWP classes for Teachers and women and fought for good legislation!

I am a co-sponsor of the Senate Constitutional Carry Bill S105 and I support the current bill on the floor for reciprocity with Georgia H3799. I am not certain where Campaign for Liberty or NAGR gets this incorrect information but I attribute part of it to the fact that they support my opposition and one of them even donated to their campaign prior to filing, almost the exact amount of the filing fee.

You can check with the NRA regarding my record. I am rated A+ and the endorsed Candidate in District 23. I stand on my voting record which is public record as all voting is “on the record” in SC.

As for the House Bill that “they” are referring to that we “carried over” in sub-committee – first this was a CWP Bill not a Constitutional Carry Bill. This Bill had been amended 4 times in the House and one of the co-sponsors of this bill was in the sub-committee meeting and no longer supported the bill. I also discussed this bill with the representative from NRA that was in attendance and they had no stance on this bill. It was not a bill that was ever intended to be constitutional carry and S105 which I co-sponsor is a true Constitutional Carry Bill.

There are organizations that want it their way even if it is the WRONG way!

In answer to the question regarding not being in attendance for the debate or vote on H3799, that bill is still up for debate on the Senate Floor, so that is just not true. I did take leave on Tuesday for 2 hours from 5:30 pm and returned at 7:33pm. In my four years in the Senate you can count on your hand the number of times I have taken leave from this job. I am normally the first car there and the last to leave – you might want to verify that with Security!   I would hold my attendance record and voting attendance record up against any Senator or House Member. This is also available online.

So in closing let me say I would be wary of any letter or email from a special interest group that starts or ends their correspondence asking for money…their motives may be suspect!

I would also question the motives of an organization that gives out the personal cell phone of a individual not once but 4 times in an email. If I were a member of this group I just might question how my money is being spent and find a good charitable organization under the Secretary of State’s “Angel List” in which to contribute!

Katrina Shealy

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