Another Ignorant Attempt to Deceive Lexington Voters

In another ignorant attempt to deceive Lexington voters, Mr. Talbert Black and his anti-progress “Palmetto Liberty Political Action Committee” has sent out an email blast accusing State Senator Katrina Shealy of abandoning her pledge to support the Second Amendment.

Shealy may have once been a strong supporter of gun rights, but evidence now shows otherwise.

It seems clear that Shealy no longer supports the 2nd amendment mandate that the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed!

After pledging to support gun owners in 2012, Senator Shealy has repeatedly betrayed the 2nd amendment once elected.

The issue Mr. Black’s Palmetto Liberty PAC (one of several organizations in which he is prominent) has to do with a bill that law enforcement across the state and even the nation, opposes.  The bill in question would eliminate training for concealed firearms carry as well as background checks.  Mr. Black also criticized Sen. Shealy (and other Senators) for not approving concealed carry reciprocity with Georgia. 

What was left out, for the convenience of Mr. Black’s deception, is that in Georgia, there is no requirement for training or background checks and permits are distributed by county probate judges.  In his email, Mr. Black wrote;

Yet, when the opportunity came to vote to support remove the unconstitutional nanny-state license to carry a self-defense firearm, she voted to keep it.

Shealy stated, “I don’t think we ought to give it up”.

Is she no longer concerned what gun owner’s think?

What Sen. Shealy actually said was;

“If you’re going to carry a gun, I think you need to be trained to carry it,” she said. “I think it’s smart of South Carolina to have CWP training. Me as a mom, I don’t think we ought to give it up.”

But the true folly to the Black email assault on Senator Shealy is this:  The National Rifle Association has rated her as A+ (one of only four Senate candidates state-wide) and she is the endorsed NRA candidate in the upcoming election for Senate District 23.

NRA Shealy

According to the NRA, an A+ means “A legislator with not only an excellent voting record on all critical NRA issues, but who has also made a vigorous effort to promote and defend the Second Amendment.” [emphasis added]

That is how the NRA views Sen. Katrina Shealy; a direct contradiction to Mr. Black’s contention.

It gets better …

Mr. Black’s (and Palmetto Liberty PAC) preferred and endorsed candidate for the District 3 seat, Ms. Patricia Wheat, got a ? rating from the NRA.

A ? (question mark)

According to the NRA grading system, a ? (question mark) means the Palmetto Liberty candidate, Ms. Wheat, “Refused to answer the NRA-PVF Candidate Questionnaire, often an indication of indifference, if not outright hostility, to gun owners’ and sportsmen’s rights.” [no emphasis needed]

If there is any question about Ms. Wheat being PLPac’s candidate of choice, the group contributed $420 to her campaign on 2 April (Saturday), two days after she paid her filing fee of $416 to the South Carolina Republican Party.  Four hundred and twenty dollars is a curious amount to contribute, though it is, essentially, $416 rounded up.

Palmetto Liberty PAC has also promoted a raffle to raise funds for Ms. Wheat’s campaign.

If the issue in the Senate District 23 race is the Second Amendment, gun owner rights and concealed carry privileges, who is the better judge; the National Rifle Association or a backwater PAC with a candidate that not only has no record, but one who the NRA considers “hostile” to those rights?

If the Palmetto Liberty PAC is so sloppy and – well, dumb – in picking this fight, can it or any of it’s cohort groups (Americans For Prosperity and Lexington County Citizens Watch) be trusted on any issue in the coming election?  


So, rather than calling or emailing Senator Shealy as proposed by Mr. Black, maybe he should be getting the emails and calls and be admonished for intellectually defecating in the electoral punch bowl.

Talbert Black Jr
(803) 767-1152 (Phone # publicly available on his Facebook page)



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4 thoughts on “Another Ignorant Attempt to Deceive Lexington Voters

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  2. […] The fundraising company for NAGR is SABER Communications which, coincidentally (?), also collects money for the Campaign for Liberty.  The South Carolina Campaign for Liberty is also the Palmetto Liberty PAC, Ms. Wheat’s most vocal advocate, donating $420 to her campaign.  Just enough, as it turns out, to pay her SCGOP filing fee. […]


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