Candidate Long Bergeson on Residence and Voting

Erin Long Bergeson is a CPA, tax manager and small business owner in Chapin.  She has filed to run for the Lexington County Council seat (District 6) being vacated by Council Chairman Johnny Jeffcoat.

Recently, there have been accusations by a fringe group questioning Ms. Long Bergeson’s residency.  To be fair to voters and to Ms. Long Bergeson, Lake and Main contacted her for clarification.

L&M:  Ms. Long Bergeson,  where have you lived and voted?

ELB Professional
Erin Long Bergeso

Erin Long Bergeson:  I have lived in Lexington County 27 out of the 36 years of my life. I have voted in all but one election, regardless of where I lived, since I could vote. I have owned and operated a business in Lexington County for almost 7 years.

Before my voting years, I lived in Chapin, Lexington County – my childhood home. I attended Chapin Elementary, Chapin Middle and Chapin High School.  I earned an undergraduate degree from the University of South Carolina.

In 1998, while living with my parents in Chapin, I registered to vote in Lexington County.  That was my permanent residence (and where I voted) until 2004 when I moved out on my own into an apartment. I registered to vote in Richland County and voted in the 2004 election in Richland County.

In February, 2005, I bought a house in Richland County.  I sold that house in 2006 when my mother died in January and I moved back to live with my father in Chapin.

I was registered to vote in Lexington County from 2006-2008 while I was in grad school (MBA, Brigham Young University Marriott School of Management) with Chapin as my residence.

Between 2008 and 2009 I lived, worked and was registered to vote in New York City.  I was probably the only McCain voter in all of NYC!

In April, 2009 I came back to and registered to vote in Lexington County.  I lived with my father at my childhood home in Chapin until he passed away in March, 2011.  My family sold the house that September.

In October, 2012, I purchased a house one mile into Newberry County (after searching for months in the 29036 zip code for a home that met my needs). I voted in the 2012 election as a registered Newberry County voter. 

In November, 2013, I married and continued to live in Newberry County until my husband and I merged homes. 

L&M:  When and why did you move back to Lexington County?

Erin Long Bergeson:  Newberry is very nice,  but I’m a Chapin girl and I love it here, so I moved back home as soon as I could.  Due both to my thriving business and a desire to move back to my home town, Derek and I started looking for “our” home in May, 2015.  Anyone who has searched for and bought a house knows it’s a months-long process.  It took us over four months to find a house we liked.  I imagine we looked at more than a hundred houses before finding the right one.  And then, of course, you don’t pick one and move in.  It takes weeks before the financing, inspection and legal processes are completed.

We made an offer in September, 2015 and closed the following month on a house on Amicks Ferry Road in Chapin in Lexington County. That is where I currently reside.

L&M:  And you registered to vote in Lexington County?

Erin Long Bergeson:  Yes.

L&M:  Running for County Council was not a consideration for moving?

Erin Long Bergeson:  No.  The timing of moving back to Lexington County and the opportunity to run for Council was purely coincidental.  It is also, I think, a natural progression in my work with my home county.  I’ve been extensively involved in the community of Chapin and Lexington County in my career and adult life.  I’ve owned a business in Lexington County for almost seven years, employed Lexington County residents and probably more than half my client base lives in Lexington County.  I also served on the Chamber of Commerce and the Chapin Community Endowment.  I hope to continue to contribute by serving on the Lexington County Council.

L&M:  Thank you for clarifying.

Erin Long Bergeson:  Thank you!


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