Drunk and Drunker: Myers, Washington and DUI in S.C.

Free Times

BY Kevin Fisher
Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Well, at least we can say this: When it comes to politicians and DUI, the Midlands’ dynamic duo of 11th Circuit Solicitor Donnie Myers and Richland County Councilman Kelvin Washington cover all the bases. One is a Republican, the other a Democrat; one is white, the other is black; one is older at 70, the other is younger at 51. Both were recently charged with driving under the influence.

Thanks for not making this a partisan, racial or generational issue, guys. You’re equal opportunity screw-ups, a collective embarrassment to all of us on both sides of the Congaree.

First things first: Both men should resign their office, but neither one will. To the modern politician, there simply is no shame. That went out with Billy Boy, the West Wing, a 22-year-old intern and a cigar. The idea that embarrassing yourself, your family and your community is reason to step down from office doesn’t even occur to today’s elected officials.

Solicitor Donnie Myers

Indeed, Myers getting a DUI charge is almost routine at this point. From his first DUI arrest in North Carolina in 2005 to a second incident in which he was pulled over for suspicion of DUI and charged with an “open container” violation in Lexington County in 2012, to his most recent trip to jail for DUI two weeks ago, Myers has clearly shown himself to be a man with a problem. While I hope he gets the help he obviously needs, the idea that this is the person in charge of prosecuting his fellow citizens for crimes — including the crime of DUI – is mind boggling.

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