Council Candidate Misleading About Corruption Remarks

Lexington County Council Candidate Dino Teppara is rallying his supporters to counter posts on Lake and Main.  In doing so, Mr. Teppara has misrepresented the facts and engages in the type of political machinations he claims to oppose.

Following is am email to supporters on 13 January titled “The attacks have started…


As you know, I am running for County Council in Lexington, and my strong opinions against corruption and the penny sales tax (yes, it’s on the ballot again – Council voted 7-2 in favor of it) – has ruffled establishment feathers.

One of Councilman Jeffcoat’s appointees to the new roads committee published two blog posts attacking me – will you take a minute to please defend me on the first one?

You can see his first post here:

At the bottom of the page, you can leave a comment, using your real name or an “Internet name” – i.e., just your first name or “TruthSeeker” etc.

Can you please leave a supportive comment on my behalf, noting that we’ve had serious corruption issues across the county and that the penny sales tax increase violates our conservative principles?

I am working hard to get elected and defend you on County Council – if you can please take a minute out of your busy day to defend me, I would be grateful.



Mr. Teppara states in the email that this writer is “One of Councilman Jeffcoat’s appointees to the new roads committee…”  This is not the truth.

In my post “Corruption Accusations Unacceptable,” I note that I have been appointed to the county’s Capital Projects and Sales-Use Tax Commission, the purpose of which is “to select and prioritize submitted projects to be funded by revenue from a proposed one percent sales tax increase.”  However, I was nominated by Councilman Todd Cullum and appointed, unanimously, by the Council.  I applied for the commission independently, as can any citizen, and did so to help insure that the revenues from the tax are directed as promised – for roads.  One may ask why my sponsor is important, but that would be a question for Mr. Teppara.

Second, Mr. Teppara considers the post – the one to which he provided a link – County Council Candidate Accuses Current Members of Corruption an “attack.”  In reality, the article did nothing more than state the facts and did so by quoting Mr. Teppara.  Readers are invited to read the post for themselves.

Finally, he cites the aforementioned post as evidence that his “strong opinions against corruption and the penny sales tax …has ruffled establishment feathers.”  No one in city or county government asked me to write about Mr. Teppara post. This writer is not part of any establishment.  As pointed out earlier, my interest in serving on the Capital Projects Commission was to have a voice in ensuring that the lessons of 2014 are learned and that the funds are spent as they intended and as the voters want them to be.  If that is “establishment,” then Mr. Teppara has no platform on which to run.

These tactics of accusing any negative (or perceived negative) dialogue as an “attack” is classic old-school fear mongering.  It’s an us-versus-them theme intended to create problems and separate people.  It is not leadership.

If Mr. Teppara is so thin-skinned that he cannot  accept honest criticism; if he is so paranoid that he doesn’t want his own words repeated; if he is going to resort to the politics as usual and scare tactics, then maybe politics isn’t a good choice for him and maybe he isn’t the best choice for Lexington County.

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2 thoughts on “Council Candidate Misleading About Corruption Remarks

    1. I don’t know how many more of the 6 seats are yet to be filled or if applications are still being accepted.

      Contact Diana Burnett and ask for an application for membership on the Capital Projects and Tax Sales Commission.


      Telephone: (803) 785-8103


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