Flood damage to roads intensifies push for Lexington County penny tax

Road damage from recent flooding spurred Lexington County Council to agree Tuesday to move forward with a 2016 referendum on a penny sales tax increase for those repairs and other improvements.

No price tag for repairs is known, but county leaders expect the cost will rise well above a preliminary estimate of $10 million.

Dirt roads in the rural southern and western sections of the 758-square-mile county are “decimated,” ouncilman Todd Cullum of Cayce said.

Those routes total slightly more than half of the 1,200-mile network that county officials oversee.

So far, 55 roads – all but five of them unpaved – remain closed to traffic more than a week after flashfloods spawned by record rain washed out major sections and left crevices up to five feet deep, County Public Works director Wrenn Barrett said.

One comment

  1. Better roads and infrastructure are desperately needed in Lexington. If we want for the state to fund this (assuming they ever do) it could be MANY years. I like others do not like additional taxes but if the penny taxes truly goes to roads and only roads, its a necessary evil.


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