Another Day, Another Lie

The tabloid blog, FITSNEWS,  run by South Carolina’s Lyin’ King, Will Folks continues to attempt to perpetrate yet another hoax on the Palmetto State. This time, his gas-passing is trying to make people believe that his favorite obsession has some sort of confederaphobia.

In a recent post, he published this:

“According to our sources at the agency, embattled S.C. Department of Public Safety (SCDPS) director Leroy Smith and governor Nikki Haley both want to do away with the agency’s gray uniforms and patrol cars – ostensibly to avoid any connection to the gray military uniforms worn by officers of the former Confederate States of America (CSA).”

Lake and Main contacted Sherri Iaocabelli, Communications Director for the South Carolina Department of Public Service and asked; “Is there any truth to the post published by FITSNEWS that SC HD is considering uniform and vehicle design changes?

Her response;

“SCDPS has no plans to change the uniform or vehicles.”

This is not unusual for FITS. The site routinely cites “sources” that don’t exist to create controversy that is equally phantom. Folks relishes any opportunity to take a shot at Governor Haley, so much so that making stuff up has become standard for FITS.

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