Attorney, political activist arrested for domestic violence charge

(WLTX) A Columbia attorney and former executive director of the S.C. Republican party has been arrested for criminal domestic violence.

James Todd Kincannon, 33, of Columbia was arrested Monday night on an arrest warrant in connection to an incident on March 26 that caused the man’s wife to tell deputies that she was fearful for her life.

The arrest warrant alleges that Kincannon’s wife, stated to deputies that she was involved in an altercation on March 26 with Kincannon, who became angry at her after they left an event, according to Sheriff McCarty.

While Kincannon drove a motor vehicle on St. Andrews Road and Harbison Boulevard near Irmo, the wife stated to deputies that Kincannon yelled at her, including the use of profanity. She also told deputies that she lowered her window and yelled at passing motorists to help her while she pleaded with Kincannon to stop the vehicle.

The arrest warrant further alleges that the wife told deputies that Kincannon began driving the motor vehicle erratically and avoiding traffic lights while driving at a high rate of speed, McCarty said.

The wife stated to deputies that she tried to exit the vehicle, and Kincannon grabbed her arm to prevent her from leaving the vehicle.

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