Computer Scam Alert

Scammers are contacting Time Warner customers – and possibly those of other carriers in the area – claiming to need access to correct a virus or other problem with your computer.  They are using at least two tactics.

One method is to call you claiming to represent your anti-virus or other software service.  They will ask you to go to the computer and type “” in the run dialogue box (Windows key + R}.  Teanviewer is a program that allows another party to access your computer.  One of the telephone numbers used by the scammers is

1.845.262.3296 with the identification of Glorius SRVC PV

Another method used is via a “Warning” message on your computer.  It might identify you as a customer of a particular carrier in whatever town you live.  The warning will include your IP address and say your “personal photos, credit card information and passwords might have been compromised.”

You will be instructed to call a number (highlighted in large red font).  One number used is


Follow no instructions!

Hang up and/or close the web page.  Call your provider and give them the information about the callers.  If you have a security software service (Norton, McAfee, Kaspersky, etc) contact them immediately.  

Do a systems scan as soon as possible.

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