More West Columbia Drama

West Columbia Mayor Joe Owens is upset that taxpayers will pay the expenses of another city leader whom the mayor has accused of misconduct.

“It’s wrong for the city to pay the bills of someone whom I’m told broke the law,” Owens said.

His ire comes after a divided City Council agreed to reimburse legal fees that Councilman Tem Miles – a political foe of Owens – faces with an unspecified “pending regulatory proceeding.”

Councilman B.J. Unthank, who oversees council meetings, said the confidential nature of the proceeding prevents explanation of the decision.

The proceeding is a complaint to the state panel on lawyer conduct that Owens said he made against Miles, alleging violations of ethics standards for attorneys.


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One thought on “More West Columbia Drama

  1. Tem Miles needs to resign and Joe Owens need to drop the lawsuit. Then the city can move forward. Also Owens needs to be allowed to preside over the meeting. Also I think BJ Unthank broke the law in calling for a vote the other night.


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