Columbiana Drive Resurfacing Deemed “Critical”

A project to rebuild and resurface Columbiana Drive that was originally scheduled to happen last summer may soon be moving forward.

On Tuesday night, Columbia City Council is expected to consider awarding a $2.59 million contract to Lane Construction for the project which extends from Lake Murray Boulevard to approximately 300 feet short of Harbison Boulevard.

The city announced the project in June 2014, but it was put on hold in September due to “unforeseen changes to the projected length of the project and the fast-approaching holiday shopping season.”

Since then, workers have tried to keep up with the wear and tear by patching some of the many potholes and other cracks along the 1.6 mile route.

Because of the high volume of traffic and condition of the road, the city has classified the project as “critical,” requiring a more extensive scope of work, which has increased to almost triple the 2012 budgeted amount of $888,888, according to city documents.

According to the city, the 2014 project was to be funded by both Richland and Lexington counties based on the percentage of the road belonging to each county. Lexington County has elected not to fund its portion of the project, which would have been from the Lexington County line to Harbison Boulevard. Lexington County’s $100,000 portion of the project was to be the approximate length of a football field.

If the project becomes reality, work would take place from 10:00 p.m. – 7:00 a.m. and the contractor would be required to allow for open access to businesses during their operational hours.

A proposed start date has not been announced.


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