Lexington Mayor Highlights New Projects

(The State) A long-wanted facelift planned to draw new shoppers to downtown Lexington is starting, Mayor Steve MacDougall said Monday.

A series of projects is coming as part of an effort to revive the area around Main Street as a shopping hub designed to become home to specialty retailers and restaurants, he said.

Work on the package is beginning this spring after three years of preparation. The list includes:

• Developing an outdoor amphitheater at Main and Church streets, followed by the opening of stores around it. The plaza should be finished by Dec. 31. At 900 seats, it will be nearly twice the size first suggested. It will be the site for concerts and other activities.

• Reducing road congestion on Main Street, Columbia Avenue and Lake Drive through a network of signals run by cameras and digital technology. Motorists should have an easier commute – particularly during rush hours – by Dec. 31, if not sooner.

• Putting up signs for local landmarks such as the Lexington County Museum, parks and walking trails. Those paths will be extended to add a mile around the Old Mill Pond next to a former textile mill that’s now a shopping mall.

“These projects speak volumes of how our pro-active, progressive, forward-looking vision and planning is continuing to create a wonderful, vibrant, livable community,” MacDougall said in his annual State of the Town speech.

MacDougall is overseeing a plan developed while he was a town councilman.

Steadily growing Lexington is home to 20,000 residents, the latest census estimates say. That makes it the largest municipal neighbor of nearby Columbia.


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4 thoughts on “Lexington Mayor Highlights New Projects

  1. Still should be more emphasis on finding other solutions to fixing the traffic issues in Lexington, especially on 378 in the morning. The network of signals controlled by cameras will not even come close to fixing problem that should of been addressed years ago!


  2. County Council has some ideas but they cost a lot of money. One idea I have heard is a toll road from Lexington to Downtown. The road would only have 4 or 5 exists but again would be a toll road. Wondering if people would pay for this. Lexington people are generally more frugal with money that people in other areas of Columbia. Prime example is how hard it is for restaurants to make it in Lexington.


      1. Yep nuts and bizarre yet county councilmen have met with a group wanting to build this road. And while I agree it is far fetched it is a least an idea. What is your plan oh great one.. and don’t give me the crap about one way streets etc… drive down 378 a round 745 or 8. A lot of mornings cars are backed up almost to Target from I20. At some point people are going to start wondering is it worth an hour plus a day sitting in a car. If Lexington 2 can get their stuff together Cayce/West Columbia area might become desirable again.


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