Site chosen for Cayce’s new elementary school

(The State) Lexington 2 officials settled on a 23.8-acre site Thursday next to Busbee Creative Arts Academy as the home of a new elementary school.

The site along the south side of Cayce is the School Board’s second choice, acquired for $3.3 million.

Its selection comes after state education officials vetoed the initial pick.

That rejection stemmed from concern about putting a school with 1,000 students along heavily traveled U.S. 321 a few blocks west of I-26.

The new site near 12th St. and Taylor Road doesn’t have that problem, Superintendent-elect Thomas Siler said.

It also was the top choice of an advisory panel that developed plans for new schools and other improvements.

The new site’s price is more than triple that of the parcel dropped.

Plans call for the $25.4 million school to open in fall 2017 as the new home for students now at Taylor Elementary and Davis Early Childhood Center.

It is one of two new elementary schools being developed.

The other is just off U.S. 378 midway between I-26 and I-20, sitting a half-mile west of Lexington Middle School.

Both schools are part of a $225 million package of new facilities and renovations approved at a Nov. 4 referendum.

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