State Sen. Tom Corbin Gets Katrina’ed

Sen Tom Corbin
Sen Tom Corbin

Bless his heart, South Carolina State Senator Tom Corbin is an idiot.  No … dumbass redneck.  He’s all this and more because, well, he’s Tom Corbin, but his dumbassery is getting national attention for a stupid remark he made to a fellow state senator.  A female state senator.  What burnishes Corbin into the Dumbass Hall of Fame is that senator to whom his comments were directed was Lexington County’s own Katrina Shealy.

At a legislative dinner, Corbin, who came into the senate in 2012 with Shealy and used to be her seatmate on the Senate floor, told Shealy “I see it only took me two years to get you wearing shoes,” no doubt a reference to the old bromide that women should be kept “barefoot and pregnant.”

But, Corbin didn’t stop there.  His next inappropriate and decidedly poorly directed comment was “God created man first,  Then he took the rib out of man to make woman.  And a rib is a lesser cut of meat.

Sen Katrina Shealy

Well … to paraphrase Jim Croce, you don’t tug on Superman’s cape, you don’t spit in the wind, you don’t pull the mask off the ol’ Lone Ranger and you don’t mess around with the Red Bank Hammer, Katrina Shealy.

What Senator Shealy said to her colleague hasn’t been reported – until now.  She recounted her response exclusively to Lake and Main. Looking straight at Corbin and, speaking calmly, Shealy said;

“Senator, I worked three times as hard to get here as you did.  You were elected unopposed where I beat an 18-year incumbent as a petition candidate.  I deserve respect and I’m gonna get it.”

She then turned to the others at the table and apologized for her outburst, an apology all agreed was unnecessary.

Those of us who know Katrina Shealy or have seen her in legislative action can picture the scene.  First, those blue eyes appear like ice.  Bitter cold, biting ice.  Then she speaks in that measured, deliberate, almost sweet tone Southern women use that scares the bejezzus out of Southern men.  Every word penetrates followed by the next that pushes even deeper.  By the time she is done, Corbin was an eviscerated carcass left to wallow in his own stupidity.

Tom Corbin’s actions should embarrass his constituents in Traveler’s Rest though I’m not sure Corbin himself is smart enough to be embarrassed.  He is, after all, a lesser cut of person.

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11 thoughts on “State Sen. Tom Corbin Gets Katrina’ed

  1. No, he isn’t stupid, He just has that wacky sense of humor that can get under the skin of those that are enamored with themselves. Some judges, senators, lawyers, professors, law students, corporate “suits” etc.
    Shealy just didn’t get it. He comes off as a buffoon, she comes off as mean spirit. My view. So who won here, my vote says Corbin. Lighten up Katrina, and yes I was thrilled to see you beat ole whats his name, Wish I could have voted for you. My senator is Cromer and he is a winner too.

    At a meeting at my corp headquarters I cleaned up some of our lunch dishes in the break room. The female HR manager walked by and thanked me for doing that. I told her she was welcome and to make a note in my personnel file that I was capable of “doing women’s work” She just rolled her head and walked on. We worked together during hiring and firing events, she knew me and the humor. She got it.


  2. No, Ken, it’s Corbin that doesn’t get it. Here is Sen. Shealy’s statement from her Facebook page:

    Statement on “Lesser Cut of Meat Story”
    “I have Proven that women can effectively serve in the Legislature and one of my Colleagues has proven capable of talking like an idiot.

    I will agree that Senator Corbin may feel that this is an ongoing joke between the two of us but he is well aware that I don’t think it is funny and I have asked several times to discontinue these type comments.

    I am the lone female in the South Carolina Senate and because of that very reason I do not want it to come across that I am weak or whining so I have repeatedly tried to deal with him myself. In Senator Corbin’s defense maybe it is a joke to him but if you do something over and over again you must really believe it. It is not a joke with me or to the thousands of other women and girls across this state and this country who deserve respect.

    We are Mothers, Sisters, And Daughters. We are homemakers, school teachers, lawyers, judges, businesswomen and yes even State Senators who deserves every bit as much respect as any Father, Brother or Son or any male who holds the same position as any female. Can I sit by, sweep this under the rug and say, it’s okay, sure I could do that, but not this time!

    Do not get me wrong the majority of my colleagues treat me with the utmost respect and with no difference of any of my male counterparts, as it should be. I do not want or expect special treatment. All I ask for is to be treated equally and with respect!


  3. The rest of the story. Had I seen this earlier than it explains her frustration. She wants to be treated equally and yes i have a wife, daughter, daughter-in law and many business female friends. That being said he made the mistake of teasing her as a male and there has to be a line drawn. Men rag on one another but most women I know don’t appreciate it to the same extent that men do. My wife thinks my friends are mean when they rag on me. I tell her that is a compliment. You trash talk, rag whatever on men you respect and like. I have been retired for 12yrs and things have changed. My region was rowdy and very successful. The kidding took the stress out of the daily competitive nature of selling. My guys tell me it doesn’t happen anymore. No humor.
    Actually if what he did was in a corporate setting, it would end up in HR. I had to fire someone for something miniscule compared to this.
    Why wasn’t the info you supplied published in the beginning? Guess it wouldn’t be a story. Love the media!



  4. Let’s be honest here. This is all a ploy for Koon Dawg. Shealy will endorse him in the next 10 days. So putting her name out there is the goal here. Koon is having his ass handed to him by Britt right now. The powers that be in Lexington are desperate and scared right now. Koon is their puppet and without him most of them will either move or be moved to jail. Anyone else wonder why Governor and McCarty endorsed him so early and neither one help him any?


    1. Shealy, McCarty and Haley all challenged and put down the old political machine you suggest is supporting Koon. The Knotts/Frazier cabal and those who lived by them are the desperate ones.


  5. I have a family newspaper background, 1940-1970, Today’s print media does not hold a candle to the pro’s of yesterday Love the media was not name calling, just saying it as I see it.. i don’t have Facebook or other social/business sites. I’m 76 and just one notch above the Amish in technology. Probably missing out on some of the goings on in town. As long as the Wall Street Journal is published it meets my needs for news.



  6. Please then explain to all of why all the old school Lexington people are supporting Jay Koon. Oh and please explain the issue with Danny Frazier and calling people to make sure it is OK to arrest them in the city of Lexington. Shealy has become as bad as Knotts was at controlling people.


  7. So now you want to distance yourself from all of this and the fact this whole site was started as a Koon pro website to get him elected. Add the fact that Shealy will endorse him on the eve of the election makes what I am saying part of this. Shealy is getting national play here and only half the story is being told.


  8. The site was not started or maintained as a pro-anyone effort. There was one article that reported comments made by two candidates. The conventional media would have made much more of it. I have no idea when Sen Shealy might endorse. The Corbin/Shealy story was national before our post. Given the attention a county politician was getting, we thought it would be interesting for her constituents to know how she reacted.

    Your vitriol toward Major Koon and Sen Shealy suggests you have an old school bent. Don’t get tied up in Knotts, Marchon.


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